Friday, July 29, 2011

July Favorites

I am going to start posting a monthly post along with a collage of my favorite things of the month. I will start with July 2011.

1. Pink or bright nail polish - i always keep my toes painted, especially during the summer with bright colors.
2. Flip flops.- they have been a staple for this month. Any kind is fine and i have a few pair but i love these blinged out Yellow box ones.
3. Colt Ford! - i love his music. I listen to "Dirt Road anthem" over and over and over!
4.Secret Deotorant -  i am loving the one in the scent "viva la diva", its fresh and smells so good.
5. Body spray - for everday use, when i get dressed i spray on the calgon Hawaiian Ginger, it smells like summer to me and one of my all time favorite body sprays.
6. Maybelline falsies mascara- it makes my lashes so long and the waterproof kind is so good at staying on for a long time.
7. EOS lip balm- i am a sucker for cute packaging, which is what got me to try this but i actually use it all the time. The flavor is delicious ( passion fruit) and it is really moisturizing.
8. Iced Tea- i drink this all day everyday. All time favorite.
9. Watermelon- you can get great watermelons around here and i love to snack on them all summer long.
10. Bioloage- i have tried this line of hair care products before but just rediscovered them this month and i am hooked! my hair feels so soft and manageable and smells so good. Love love love it!
11.Sea World- my family went to sea world this month. We have the best time of our lives and i already want to go back so bad. I got to pet a dolphin for the first time in my life and anyone who knows me knows i love dolphins. I just cannot say enough good things about sea world, i love that place!

So, that's all my favorites for this month. I appreciate you stopping by, feel free to leave some of your favorites in a reply or post the same type of thing on your blog, i would love to see what everyone has. Be blessed.

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